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Custom Mouldings Examples - Copy

Profiles for store fixture, cabinet, closet, kitchen, bath and office furniture

Product Offering

  • Olon custom profiles may be hand-wrapped individually or produced as larger volume runs.
  • Substrates include MDF, HDF, aluminum, plastic/PVC, wood, steel or fiberglass.
  • Wraps include veneer, reconstituted veneer, decorative papers (30G-120G), thermofoil, polypropylene, fabric, leather and an extensive range of exact matches to LPL or HPL in our NEXGEN™ laminates.
  • Adhesive options to meet customers’ requirements include:

               E.V.A. for medium heat resistance

               Polyolefin for high heat resistance

               Spray Contact Cement

               P.U.R. for high heat and moisture resistance

  •  Capabilities:  Profile width – 5/8” to 14” maximum

                              Profile thickness – 1/4″ (6mm) to 2” maximum


61306 009

Machined post wrapped in White Paintable Paper

Product Appearance

  • Olon uses only premium MDF for a better quality product.  While solid wood profiles tend to warp and twist, MDF profiles remain straight.
  • High grade wrapping veneer minimizes knots and mineral streaks while maintaining uniform coloration.
  • Exotic veneers can be utilized.
  • Our stringent manufacturing tolerance guarantees profile uniformity and consistency.


Notable Features

  • Capabilities include: CNC machining, cut to size, drilling, end foiling and end capping.  We can also install inserts.

    Veneer Pedestal Base Laminated to Metal PVC Woof cy1

    Table leg wrapped in Bird’s Eye Maple veneer

  • Profiles are available in varying lengths to allow for best yields.  (MDF FSC, NAUF, Fire-rated or Water-resistant cores are also available.)
  • Cost effective versus solid wood for large architectural mouldings.
  • Veneer is presanded to eliminate the need for grain filling and sanding.
  • NEXGEN™ laminates are environmentally friendly and offer an antimicrobial surface that is high heat, scratch and stain resistant making them perfect for use in high-traffic areas.

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