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Edge Treatments

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NEXGEN™ Edging is available in over 220 exact colour and finish matches to TFL.



For over 35 years Olon has partnered with our customers to develop a diversified range of NEXGEN™ edge treatments to complement all leading laminates and manufacturing processes.



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NEXGEN™ Edging

NEXGEN™ edgebanding consists of two or more layers resin saturated face papers, backers and release papers which have been fused in a lamination process to produce a finished product. Face Papers A decorative face paper (solid, woodgrain or abstract print) matching popular high and low pressure laminates is impregnated with a polyester resin through a resin …

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Application Tips

Temperature The processing temperature of the adhesive, substrate, edgebanding, and room temperature of the plant in which the edgebander is located are all important factors. All materials should be stored at room temperature for a minimum of twenty-four hours prior to use. Cold panels or banding can result in premature adhesive set-up. The automatic edgebander …

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