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Custom Saturations

We saturate decorative papers and specialty overlays with thermosetting resin formulations. Our products are idealsaturations for the manufacturing of thermofused panels and continuous laminates

Polyester Thermosetting Saturated Products

  • Decorative alpha cellulose paper for thermally fused surfaces
  • Backers for the laminating industry.
  • Overlay papers for variety of applications.
  • Custom saturation to meet customer specifications.

The Manufacturing Process

Thermosetting resins begin as a clear liquid through which the special decorative paper or material is passed. The resin-saturated paper is then drawn through a dryer where it is heated, dried and cooled for our laminating customers.

Our Customer Process

Olon’s resin-saturated paper is placed over particleboard, MDF, plywood or other substrates where it is subjected to high pressure and heat in a press. This causes two reactions in the thermosetting resin. First, it transforms back into a liquid state and penetrates the fiber of the substrate. Second, the paper begins to harden and thus the result thermally fusing process is completed, resulting in a hard and durable surface.


The surface performance of the thermally fused laminates equals or exceeds vertical grade high-pressure laminates and outperforms foils, topcoated papers and vinyl in wear, scuff, stain and heat resistance.


  • Surface performance is similar to thermally fused (low pressure) melamine.
  • Extremely longer shelf life than melamine saturated paper.
  • Flexibility enhancements for continuous thermally fused laminates.
  • Laminated panels are easy to machine, less chipping and longer tool life.
  • Laminates have better chemical and impact resistance than other laminate materials.
  • Decorative prints are sharp and bright, and have warm, rich, authentic textures.
  • Low minimum order.


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