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5 Piece Door Profiles in NEXGEN™ Laminates

NEXGEN FLEX NEW Caserta Finish DSCF1472

Caserta Finish

Product Offering

  • The Olon product line offers a truly perfect synergy.  Our components are profile wrapped in the same base materials and prints to perfectly match LPL and HPL materials that are used on exposed cabinet exteriors.
  • Olon offers over 80 different styles of door profiles or you may design your own custom profiles.  Our low minimum orders allow you to carry a wider variety of styles and colors.
  • Olon offers a 2-week lead-time on our most popular styles and colours.
  • We offer the largest available selection of over 220 stock colour and finish options.
  • A complete accessory moulding program is available to perfectly complement your cabinetry.
  • Our new LINK25 formable laminate in 4′ x 9′ sheets or continuous rolls is postformable for edges, tops or corners.  Perfect for refacing or new construction.


Uniboard Fan of doors

New Vista Finish

Product Appearance

  • The colours and finishes of NEXGEN™ laminates make it nearly impossible to differentiate from real woodNOW AVAILABLE – in 12 stock finishes.  Several finishes offer a modern wood grain appearance.
  • Stile & rail construction with perpendicular grain direction perfectly resembles a wood door.
  • Olon surface laminates allow for perfect colour matching and fade-resistance years after the original cabinetry is installed.  Whether you want to add more cabinetry or simply replace a door, any new addition will be a perfect match to the original.


Notable Features 

  • Olon 5 piece door components in NEXGEN™ laminates offer a permanent antibacterial surface with higher heat, scratch and stain resistance versus RTF (vinyl) and solid wood doors.

    Acc. Moulding group

    Accessory mouldings stocked in 9 profile styles

  • There is no staining or finishing required, therefore saving time, labor and equipment costs.  (Glazing or highlighting can be added.)
  • Wrapped profiles are also available in vinyl, foil paper, polypropylene, 60 gram paper and many veneers.
  • Our tight manufacturing tolerances allow you to produce beautiful miters.
  • We use only premium MDF for a better quality product.  While solid wood profiles tend to warp and twist, MDF profiles remain straight.  (MDF FSC, NAUF, Fire Rated or Water resistant cores also available.)
  • Zero formaldehyde emission may be achieved with assembled doors.
  • KCMA certified.  A lower capital investment is required to set up a manufacturing facility in comparison to other types of door production.


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