Olon Industries carries a complete range of traditional and contemporary crown, light and accent mouldings stocked in:

  • White paintable
  • Red Oak veneer
  • Maple veneer

In addition, we also maintain an inventory of raw MDF stock profiles which can be processed into relatively small quantities of custom paper or veneer wrapped versions, previously only available in much larger production volumes. As there is a processing factor versus that of an in-stock version, please confirm delivery with your Olon Representative. Our in stock program is available from our US and Canadian facilities. Please contact your Olon representative for details.

Wrapped Profile Stock Program

Diagram Profile Description White Paintable Red Oak Maple Veneer
WP02 Smooth Lightshield or Crown n/a
4021 Traditional Mid-sized Crown
WP11 European Large Crown/Indent n/a
WP12 Traditional Full-sized Crown n/a
WP22 Concave Crown Moulding n/a

(Available in 9’ lengths / packaged in cartons)

Product Offering


  • Olon veneer wrapped MDF profiles are stocked in lengths of 107” (2.7 m) in Georgetown, ON and 96” (2.4 m) in Jeffersonville, IN in White Paintable, Red Oak and Maple veneer.


  • Custom offerings for veneer wrapped MDF profiles are available on a special order basis in varying lengths with minimum order quantities and lead times based on production runs.
  • Offerings include: Cherry / Euro Steamed Beech / Figured Quartered Anigre / Hickory / Mahogany (African - Khaya) / Makore / Maple (Other Cuts) / Machine Figured Anigre / Red Alder / Red Oak (Other Cuts) / Rosewood / Sycamore (English) / Teak / Walnut / Wenge / White Ash / White Oak / White Pine / Zebrawood  Reconstituted veneer species may also be available.

Notable Features

  • Olon uses only premium MDF for a better quality product. While solid wood profiles tend to warp and twist, MDF profiles remain straight.
  • There are minimal knots and mineral streaks in our wrapping grade veneer. High quality veneer with uniform coloration is used for profile wrapping.
  • Wrapping grade veneer is pre-sanded. No grain filling or heavy sanding required.
  • Profiles of up to 12’ (3.7 m) in length are available for an excellent yield.
  • Our stringent manufacturing tolerance guarantees profile uniformity and consistency.



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