Virtually any moulding type may be produced with over 600 custom profile heads on hand.

Numerous wrapping lines to enable us to produce small to large volume orders.

Laminates include vinyl films, wood veneer, foils, dècor papers and polyester to match major manufacturer’s high and low pressure laminates.

Product Appearance

  • Olon uses only premium MDF for a better quality product. While solid wood profiles tend to warp and twist, MDF profiles remain straight.
  • High grade wrapping veneer minimizes knots and mineral streaks while maintaining uniform coloration.
  • Exotic veneers can be utilized.
  • Our stringent manufacturing tolerance guarantees profile uniformity and consistency.

Paintable Program

Your Paint Shop Slowing you Down?

5 piece doors made using Olon Paintable Mouldings, available in all our popular door and accessory profiles.  Save time and steps in the shop sanding and painting raw wood or MDF doors.



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