Office environments vary from the traditional to modern and design needs vary by profession. Use Olon components to customize the look you want for the type of office you are designing. Don’t forget, Olon custom moulding capabilities and LINK25 make for great dividers and custom wall systems.


Olon Industries manufactures profile-wrapped door mouldings for fabricators of 5 piece doors for the kitchen & bath, office furniture, hospitality, healthcare and other commercial furniture markets. Available with exacting quality, low order quantities and quick delivery, in over 80 stock profiles and over 220 North American TFL & HPL colours.

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Olon Interior Door components are pre-finished, extremely easy to assemble and offer all the same great benefits as our traditional 5 piece door cabinet mouldings. Exact match colours for standard hinged and pocket doors or use contrasting colours for sliding barnstyle or industrial doors. Custom solutions for door frames and jambs are available. (see Custom Laminates for doorskins)

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Olon Accessory Moulding profiles offer the most complete program wrapped with our NEXGEN® laminates with built-in antimicrobial protection. Our mouldings are high heat, fade and scratch resistant. They are available in 9 stock profile styles in exact matches to over 220 North American TFL & HPL colours and perfectly complete our 5 piece door program.

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NEXGEN® LINK25 formable laminate, in continuous rolls or 4’ x 9’ sheets, was developed to complement TFL where exact colour and texture matches are essential. LINK25 is recommended for vertical or light duty horizontal surfaces and is used as an HPL alternative. Postformable for edges, tops or corners, LINK25 is very workable and bonds with conventional adhesives. LINK25 is ideal for both refacing projects and new installations.

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Customized formulations available to wrap slab doors, drawers or shelving. Also able to adjust surface properties and wearlayer to meet your needs. Commercial applications can include decorative wall and elevator panels or coordinating doorskins for boutique or office settings.

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NEXGEN® edgebanding offers such features as high heat resistance, pliability, formability and good internal bond strength for machineability. May be pre-glued for heat bar or hot air application as polyester is not sensitive to heat. Excellent for straight line, contour and soft form applications. Available in over 220 North American TFL & HPL colours.

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Miterfold drawer systems assemble in seconds to significantly reduce labor costs and are available in a wide range of sizes, styles and colours (in vinyl and polypropylene) with matching drawer bottoms. Blank and Knockdown (KD) drawer components are also available. 

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Olon offers an impressive collection of solid wood drawer components sourced from around the world, as well as a complete line of Baltic Birch plywood products. Operations are vertically integrated and span from kiln drying and rough milling through to UV finishing, dovetailing and drawer box assembly.

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Olon profiles may be hand-wrapped as individual components or produced as larger volume runs on substrates that include MDF, HDF, aluminum, plastic/PVC, wood, steel or fiberglass. Wraps include veneer, reconstituted veneer, decorative papers (30G-120G), 2D or 3D Laminates, polypropylene, fabric, leather or in NEXGEN® decorative laminates

Capabilities include: CNC machining, cut to size, drilling, end foiling and end capping. We can also install inserts. Profiles are available in varying lengths to allow for best yields. (MDF FSC®, NAUF, Fire-rated or Water-resistant cores are also available.)

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If you are looking to download PDFs of any Olon brochures, product sheets, colour reference charts, technical specifications or certifications, all files can be found in the download center.

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