One Goal, One Team, One Future

In setting out our company’s vision, mission and values, we are making a promise… to our customers, our stakeholders, and ourselves. 

The promise is to go beyond delivering products and services, developing and maintaining a partnership that is valuable, meaningful and lasting. And to do so in a manner that always exemplifies the values we believe in.

That is why we are vigilant in our adherence to our vision, mission and values. Our success will be measured by our ability to conduct our business in a way that reflects who we are and what we believe.

Our Vision

To be the very best at everything we do.

Every day, we work hard to be the best. Never satisfied with ‘good enough’, we understand that being the best demands continuous improvement. We welcome challenge and embrace change. By working together, we exceed the expectations of our customers, and together, we will make Olon the best it can be.

Our Mission

We will establish our leadership as partner of choice to our customers and employer of choice to our teammates through continuous improvement in all areas of our business, and by delivering value to all of our stakeholders.

Our leadership is not measured by revenue and market share. It is demonstrated, every day, by continually improving what we do and how we do it. It is recognized by those who choose to be part of the Olon family – the people who work here and the customers with whom we do business.

Our Values

The values we hold are both respected and demanded. They have defined us as an organization, and are also the foundation of our evolution. Since our founding, our values have guided our actions and been the benchmarks of our success. As our evolution continues, they remain as relevant now as they were in 1981.

Customer Focus

In everything we do, we are focused on our customers – from the quality of our products, to new solution innovation, to service excellence. By responding to our customers’ needs, swiftly and with imagination and creativity, we will establish our leadership position and our success.


We are innovative. We have developed unique and valuable solutions for our customers unlike any offered by our competitors. Our innovation extends beyond our products to our processes and systems. We are never content with status quo. We always look for new and better ways to improve what we do and how we do it.


At Olon, we are entrepreneurs. We take risks. We adapt to change. We welcome challenges. We are responsible and committed to moving forward, each of us doing what it takes to achieve our collective goals.


We conduct our business with the highest ethical standards. We treat each other fairly, and with respect. We keep our promises.


Olon is a leader in the woodworking industry. Our customers recognize our leadership because we provide the best solutions and services for their business. Our employees will recognize our leadership, because Olon is a great place to work. And the communities will recognize our leadership where we do business, because we contribute to making them better.


We are our customer’s valued partner. We understand their needs, and respond by delivering the integrated solutions that contribute to their overall business success. And we are partners to each other – working together to achieve a common goal, and to achieve more together than we could alone.


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