Decorative paper and backers impregnated with thermosetting resins are thermally fused under heat and high pressure through (DBP) Double Belt Press technology. This engineered CPL decorative laminate offers a unique range of formable decorative laminates suitable for profile wrapping, edgebanding and softforming or flat panel applications.

Thermosetting Resins for Custom Saturation

  • Decorative alpha cellulose paper for thermally fused surfaces
  • Backers for the laminating industry
  • Non-woven fibers
  • Overlay papers for a variety of applications
  • Paintable glueable surfaces
  • Decorative coatable stainable print surfaces
  • Custom saturation to meet customer specifications

Notable Features

  • A resilient continuous laminate that out performs foils, topcoat papers and vinyl
  • Visually preferable with high degree of colour clarity and warm, rich, authentic textures
  • Low surface marring, high impact and chemical resistant properties
  • Excellent machinability, longer tool life; less chipping
  • FSC® certificate code SCS-COC-001686 on request
  • Antimicrobial protection is available
  • Surface performances are similar to TFL, HPL, and laminate flooring depending on customers’ specifications.
  • CPL laminates are used significantly to complement TFL, HPL, and laminate flooring manufacturers.

NEXGEN® Performance

  • Surface performance is similar to TFL
  • Extremely longer shelf life than melamine saturated paper
  • Now Available - LINK25 postformable laminate for vertical or light duty horizontal surfaces.
  • Laminated panels are easy to machine, less chipping and longer tool life
  • Polyester laminates have better chemical and impact resistance than other laminate materials
  • Decorative prints are sharp and bright, and have warm, rich, authentic textures
  • Low minimums orders


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