For over 35 years Olon has partnered with our customers to develop a diversified range of NEXGEN® edge treatments to complement all leading laminates and manufacturing processes.

NEXGEN® edgebanding consists of two or more layers resin saturated face papers, backers and release papers which have been fused in a lamination process to produce a finished product.

OLON Industries stocks over 220 different colours / patterns to match many TFL & HPL manufacturers as detailed on the CPD1/UPD1 colour cross reference chart. We also have the ability to produce an exact match for a specific custom laminate. Minimum runs may be required. 

Notable Features

NEXGEN® edgebanding can be produced in a wide range of thicknesses. Various thickness may be required for various applications. However, the following thickness is considered standard.

  • Thickness .014" (0.36mm)
  • A decorative face paper laminated to a kraft paper backer. The backer itself is commonly 0.008" to 0.010" (0.2mm to 0.25mm) in thickness and the end product is known under the moniker – 2 Ply Polyester.
  • Exact match to many popular high and low pressure laminates.
  • Available in a number of finishes: Satin, Textured, Gloss, Woodgrain Emboss, Crystal and Leather.
  • Available in widths from 3/8" to 24".
  • Available in single roll quantities, 250ft pre-glued or 500ft unglued.
  • NEXGEN® edgebanding offers such features as high heat resistance, pliability, formability and good internal bond strength for machineability.
  • May be pre-glued for heat bar or hot air application as polyester is not sensitive to heat.
  • Excellent for straight line, contour and soft form applications.
  • All colours listed on the following cross reference charts are considered part of our stock program.


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