Product Offering

The equipment at Olon producing PÜRDECOTM Laminated Panels is by far the latest in technological innovation available on the market. Using only the highest quality PUR glue technology and having two facilities with panel lamination capabilities, Olon can ensure quality products and service in your local market. 

  • PÜRDECOTM collections include VelourTouchTM, GlossTouchTM and the Essentials Collection. Three very diverse programs that meet the design needs of different market segments in residential and commercial applications.
  • PÜRDECOTM compliments the other components that are available at Olon. We are able to press our own center panels for 5 piece door applications as well as produce various panel thicknesses for all types of furniture and casegoods.

Product Appearance

  • PÜRDECOTM collection materials and colours are chosen to be on trend, meet customer needs and work well with other building materials such as TFL panels, laminates, wood, stone and ceramics. The goals is to offer beautiful specialty panels that are easy to use and make a statement.
  • Ultra-matte looks are available with our VelourTouchTM Collection.
  • High gloss looks are available with our GlossTouchTM Collection.
  • Satin painted looks are available with our Essentials Collection.
  • The beautiful panels you wish to develop are available through our custom panel lamination capabilities.

Notable Features

  • PURDECOTM is made at 2 Olon facilities to ensure uninterrupted, local service. Georgetown, ON in Canada and Jeffersonville, IN in the USA.
  • All PÜRDECOTM laminate panels are made with superior PUR glue technology which allows for a very smooth application in production and smooth panel surfaces.
  • PÜRDECOTM uses all North America manufactured substrates such as MDF and particleboard that are CARB2 compliant and locally sourced close to the facilities. 
  • PÜRDECOTM stock collections VelourTouchTM and GlossTouchTM have protective peel coat on all thicker panels. Any 6mm panels that are made for 5 piece doors and their respective mouldings, do not have peel coat.
  • PÜRDECOTM  laminated panels are finished with the same material on both sides unless otherwise stated.
  • PÜRDECOTM stock collections are available in standard sizes and thicknesses. See individual collection pages for all details.


If you are looking to download PDFs of any Olon brochures, product sheets, colour reference charts, technical specifications or certifications, all files can be found in the download center.

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